Remedial Therapy includes a wide range of advanced soft tissue techniques, all of them aimed at offering relief from pain and tension. 
Remedial Therapy will utilise these techniques, including massage, to release pressure from muscles in spasm and to address tendon and ligament problems. Treatments can reduce pain and discomfort and can even have dramatic results in as little as one session. Remedial Therapy can help with stress, work and leisure related injuries and is suitable for people of all ages. 
Muscle Energy Technique (MET) – uses muscle contractions against resistance. This causes spontaneous relaxation affecting length and tone of the muscle, as well as helping improve joint mechanics. MET can be used to increase joint range and strengthen muscles, as well as for rehabilitation of injuries. There are several different types of MET treatment such as 'pulsed' or 'functional', dependent on the symptoms. 
Soft Tissue Release (STR) – works by applying a 'lock' into a muscle whilst stretching the limb in the opposite direction, causing tight areas to release. 
Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) – uses monitored pressure on a trigger point to help resume normal muscle tone. 
If you are unsure which technique is the right treatment for you, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. 
techniques on offer 
Positional Release 
Myofascial Technique 
Deep Tissue Massage 
Postural Analysis 
Soft Tissue Release 
Neuromuscular Technique 
Trigger Point Therapy 
Muscle Energy Technique 
Connective Tissue Manipulation  
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